Step 1

Middle damage over time bow crafting guide (~6-7 ex cost)

Buy 6-Link lvl 82 Emperial Bow ~20c
Step 2
Alt spamm until you have T1 damage over time multi ~200 alts needed
Step 3
If it's the only mod - move to step 4
If not - use Orb of Annulment to remove Prefix (50% chance to remove Prefix)
If you remove Suffix - move to step 2
Step 4
When your only mod on the Bow is Damage over time Multiplier - use regal orb
If u got suffix - move to step5
If you got prefix - Use the beast craft 'Add random suffix - remove random prefix'
Step 5
Use crafting bench to add 'cannot roll attack modifiers' craft - 1 ex cost
Step 6
Use Exalted orb to add '+1 to level of socketed gems'
Step 7
Use crafting bench to remove "Cannot roll attack modifiers' and add
'Can have up to 3 Crafted Modifiers' -2 ex cost
Step 8
Use crafting bench to add '+2 to Level of Socketed Support Gems' - 2 ex cost
Step 9
Use crafting bench to add 'Increased damage over time' - 2c cost
You would need to use bench crafts to make this bow, if you do not have them - use TFT channel to buy them