Static Strike / Shockwave Slayer (3.22) , scales great from acts to endgame
~6000 life/ 100% reduced ele ailment duration
~1k life regen/1k Life leech/90% phys reduction/65% evasion chance/ ~15 Mil. dps
Middle version would cost you 3-5 div. Final one ~50-60 div

General information
  • PROS
    • Great clear speed
    • One shotting map bosses
    • Tanky
    • Can run any map mod
  • CONS
    Can't do big bosses
Movement Speed(possibly)
By reaching maps your setup should look like this
This setup with 4-Link would allow you to farm T1-T5 maps
you can find the detailed leveling guide
Would recommend to buy a second Life Flask for this purpose
Take Brutal Fervour
Here you can find current UberLab scheme
Remove life leech base jewel and buy another abyss one
Gear progression
Flask setup
Life Flask Instant life recovery and bleed immunity
Life/Mana leech jewels
Divine Life Flask
Granite Flask / Immunity to Freeze and Chill
granite flask
Quicksilver Flask / Attack Speed
quicksilver flask
Jade Flask / Increased Armour
Silver fLask
Silver Flask / Increased Evasion Rating
Diamond Flask
*Items and colored Text contain promts on hover and links on click
mana leech dex jewel
Uber Lab info :
Soul of Lunaris : Put the Atoll Map and Divine Vessel into the Map Device and run the map
Right Click on the vessel to unlock the bonus
Repeat with Coral Ruins Map for the next Tier
Repeat with Coves Map for the next Tier (not necessary)
Soul of Yugul : Put the Terrace and Divine Vessel into the Map Device and run the map
Right Click on the vessel to unlock the bonus
Pantheon : Soul of the Brine King + Soul of Yugul
carved wand
Base jewel
dext amulet
dext amulet
Gear with resistances
Two-handed Mace
body armour
6-link armour
Abyss jewels x2
You should have as much resistances as possible on rings/amulet/gloves
We need attack speed so Static Strike hit would be fast enough plus some life/crit multi
Note that 4 abyss jewels must be Murderous as we going to buy Tecrod's Gate later on
This setup with a 6-link would allow you to farm up to T14 maps and kill pre Exarch/Eater bosses
You can find complete red map viable setup with a couple additions below
To figure out what maps you have to run to complete the pantheon - open atlas and enter it's name
Every league maps are different

You can use Soul of the Brine King for Freeze Immune if needed while you have no ele ailment avoidance

If you play Exarch influence - use Soul of Abberath
dext amulet
In order to switch to Static Strike you have to buy :
helmet with enchant
Helmet with Static Strike enchantment
Buy a base, use Life Essences / craft whatever is missed on the bench
Best Mace is Imperial Maul
If can not find anything suitable - search for any two handed Mace
You can start with a 5-link and get a 6-link later on
Use Essence > T2 'increased physical damage' on the bench (T3 is 4 chaos, not worth it)
(T4 craft can be found in Malformation map, the location may change next league, cost 1 ex)
dext amulet
Large Cluster Jewel
Base jewel
Base jewel
Amulet with an enchantment
dext amulet
Try to buy an amulet with the enchantment, craft it using essence of sorrow
If there are non on the market - add the enchantment manually
dext amulet
dext amulet
dext amulet
dext amulet
You can now switch to Static Strike
When you get a 6-link you should have x2 'Non-channelling skills have -7 to total mana cost' crafted on the jewelry
If you do not play Syndicate - buy it on tft
You don't have to do it immediately after getting a 6-link
If you can't do it yet - keep ~70 mana unreserved
Remove lifetap gem from Leap Slam when you get the -manacost mods
Can't afford - buy with 9 passives (change the filter)
Want cheaper - buy a base and use attack reforge until two notables(harvest bench)
If you have all the items from above and a 5-link weapon - complete Uber Lab
Base jewel
Base jewel
Buy second large cluster and craft using harvest, buy 3 more abyss jewels
Base jewel
Before buying the helmet - check if you can afford Lightpoacher(1abyss socket) , if so - buy it and skip this one
Make sure to put leap slam/brutality inside to prevent dying from ELe reflect from Spirit Burst
You may use Ancestral Cry to increase attack range which would make hitting enemies way safer as you attack speed and defences ain't that good yet, you would have to remove War Banner
If so - put Ancestral Cry on left click and take Call to Arms
Your further setups :
*All items have promts and links on hover/click
Medium setup explanations
The more abyss jewels you have equipped the more Life and Elemental resistance penetration you gain
Also increases mana making Precision/Vitality reservation more efficient
If you feel single target is good - remove Frozen Legion
Remove War Banner / Level up Precision from 5-10 to 15-20
Shroud of the Lightless (two abyssal sockets)
Adds Spirit charges, you gain charges on kill
Max amount is equal to number of abyss jewels equipped
Every time you use a skill - triggers Spirit burst which removes one spirit charge
Every spirit charge provides 5% of phys as extra damage of each element which is perfect for mapping. Doesn't work vs bosses as the only way to generate the charges vs single target is using Vaal Breach gem
Spirit Burst is a spell which does damage so add brutality to make it deal physical damage only to prevent dying from elemental reflect (we have phys reflect immune from the ascendancy)
Remove Increased Crit Strike / Crit Damage support gems from Static Strike setup
Add Elemental Damage with attacks / Inspiration
Might be expensive day1 of the league
Lightpoacher (one abyssal socket)
Bubonic Trail (one abyssal socket)
You want ~50% reduced duration of elemental ailments on you /
~20% increased reservation efficiency of skills
Add Vitality to setup when you have both boots and unique jewel equipped
Do not forget to have one magic abyss jewel (attack speed + life)
Make sure to have 50-70 mana unreserved
Tecrod's Gaze
Provides 40% increased main hand critical strike chance per Murderous eye jewel to a maximum of 200%. Make sure to have at least 5 murderous jewels equipped (Tector's Gaze +4 rare ones)
This jewel is required to activate mana efficiency from the boots
Synthesised gloves with reduced duration of ele ailments on you
Use Blessed orbs to roll the implicit to ~50%
Spam some essences to craft at least one res/life and add 'convert phys to lightning'
Now you have 100% reduced duration of ele ailments on you
If you were using Soul of the Brine King for freeze immune - use Soul of Lunaris now
Even though you have 100% reduced duration of ele ailments you can still rarely get frozen due to a specific mod which reflects ele ailments (you inflict freeze and shock with increased Effect Duration)
Life on the rings should not be crafted so you could craft minus manacost
If you are not a june mission enjoyer - use TFT to craft -7 manacost, you want it on both rings
When you have the crafts - leap slam will have no manacost
Static Strike will cost 1 mana so you could reserve almost all your mana
You would also need a base jewel with mana on hit so map mod 'players cannot regen mana' wouldn't affect you (you want to have about 10 mana unreserved)
Abyss jewels
You can also craft the jewels
Get a base with fractured attack speed and use Crit Reforge (harvest bench) until you have Life / Crit Multi (at the league start there should be plenty on the market)
The best mace is 'Imperial Maul' as it provides the largest pdps (10-20% more)
So check if there is a 6-link Imperial Maul with a decent pdps
If there is none - check for any 6-link Mace with a decent pdps
If there is none - buy any 6-link Mace and use Shrieking Essence of Contempt
You want 300-600 pdps to play T14+ maps

The best way to craft it is to buy Imperial Maul with ~160%+ fractured physical Damage and use Essence of Contempt until you get all 3 phys mods
(requires 20-50 essences) / craft chance to deal double damage on the bench
This method is expensive as you would need to 6-link manually
Two-hand Mace
Use this pob before you kill Exarch/Eater
(more dps)
Use this pob after you kill Exarch/Eater
On taking Mana reservation efficiency Mastery - remove Vitality - add Grace
On taking skill effect duration cluster - anoint 'Overcharged'
When fighting Exarch use Flame Dash to dodge Fire Balls
When fighting Infinite Hunger - Use Soul of Arakaali / Soul of Shakari

The only required items to kill those Bosses are Shroud of Lightless / 6-link Mace with good pdps

If Overlord Cluster jewel is expensive - buy one more two-hand cluster jewel

Maven and Uber Elder cannot be killed on a budget so you would have to buy a service on TFT in order to get the voidstones

If being frozen time to time annoys you - use Soul of the Brine King / get a 40-50% chance to avoid being frozen on an abyss jewel in your belt

Ancestral Cry is a good way to increase attack range and make hitting with static strike safer, you can fit it if you have no portal gem / have 3 socket shroud, should be put on left click, take Call to Arms
Keep in mind that you wouldn't be able to run elemental reflect until you get lvl 5 Awakened Elemental Damage with Attacks
*All items have promts and links on hover/click
MediumSetup > Final Setup Item Order/Explanations
Elegant Hubris
The link alrdy contains required jewel slot
If there are no jewels with 4 nodes or you can't afford - buy one with x3 nodes

How to use : 'Deselect > Choose required nodes > Search
As you buy a better versions of those items you would lose normal sockets so make sure to replace your rings as well to compensate
You want 'increased Static Strike Duration' / 'Chance to Avoid being Stunned if you've Killed Recently' as enchantments. Those do not exist on the market so you would have to use TFT Lab enchant service
Abyssal socket items
Deselect > choose the Notables
Buy Imperial Maul with ~160%+ fractured physical Damage and use Essence of Contempt until you get all 3 phys mods
(requires 20-50 essences)
Prefixes cannot be changed > T4 Aisling > Chance to deal double damage / Crit Multi >
Add second 'chance to deal double damage' craft on the bench > exalted orb if needed
Two-hand Mace
Buy a fractured unset ring
Spam reforge Lightning/Chaos (Harvest bench) until you hit some life / double res > craft -7 manacost on the bench
Darkness Enthroned
When you replace Life Flask with Cinderswallow Urn - make sure to have both chance to avoid bleeding (40-50%) on the abyss jewel socketed into the belt / corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you on any abyss jewel
In order to add Vitality you would need both Enlighten lvl 3 + Mana Mastery
Abyss jewels
Craft jewels if there are none on the market
Get a base with fractured attack speed and use Crit Reforge (harvest bench) until you have Life / Crit Multi