Poison Impending Doom Occultist (3.21) , scales great from acts to endgame
~4000 life/100% spell suppress chance/100% avoid ele ailments
Life regen/Life leech/90% phys reduction/77% evade chance/ ~10+ Mil. dps
Middle version would cost you 3-5 div. Final one ~30 div

General information
  • PROS
    • Good clear speed
    • Good single target
    • Tanky
    • Can run any map mod
  • CONS
    No cons! I am shocked!
Movement Speed(possibly)
By reaching maps your setup should look like this
This setup with 4-Link would allow you to farm T1-T5 rare maps
you can find the detailed leveling guide
Gear progression
Life Flask
Divine Life Flask
Granite Flask
granite flask
Quicksilver Flask (movement speed)
There are 2 Movement Speed flasks which are good for us :
quicksilver flask
Quicksilver flask
Silver Flask with reduced effect of curses
Jade Flask
I would not recommend to roll it with alts, better to buy it
Jade Flask with Immunity to Freeze and Chill
Quartz flask
mana leech dex jewel
*Items and colored Text contain promts on hover and links on click
Flask setup
Life Flask with instant life recovery and bleed immunity
Would recommend to buy second Life Flask for this purpose
Take Vile Bastion
Here you can find current UberLab scheme
Helmet enchant : 'Despair has increased Curse effect / Poison Multi while infecting'
Uber Lab info :
Pantheon : Soul of Lunaris + Soul of Shakari
Soul of Lunaris : Put the Moon Temple Map and Divine Vessel into the Map Device and run the map. Right Click on the vessel to unlock the bonus
Repeat with Forbidden Woods Map for the next Tier
Repeat with Cold River Map for the next Tier
Greatly increases dps
Soul of Yugul : Put the Grave Trough and Divine Vessel into the Map Device and run the map
Right Click on the vessel to unlock the bonus
Apep's Rage/Shield
Tabula / 5-6Link
Tabula Rasa Simple Robe
Base Jewels (x3)
Base jewel
If expensive - remove Brush with Death from the filter
6-link armour
dext amulet
large cluster jewel
Large Cluster Jewel
You should have ~50 str in summary on your gear, one good roll on a ring would be enough
Amber Amulet
DoT Multi + enchantment when you turn to poison
I would recommend to switch to Impending Doom when Uber Lab is completed
If you switched to Impending Doom, still have Uber Lab not completed and feel like clear speed isn't great - take Profane Bloom instead of Vile Bastion
carved wand
dext amulet
large cluster jewel
Medium Cluster Jewel
Buy a base. Use Life essence until you get any resistance and have an empty suffix. When your poison on hit chance is high enough - add a crafted mod 'increased duration of ailments while focused' . Despair effect enchantment might be expensive at league start, buy Poison Multi while Infecting if poor! (check the filter)
How it works :
You want to rewrite your curses to proc Impending Doom. One is being self cast (Temporal Chains)
The rest curses should be socketed into the gloves
Put Punishment in the first socket and then the curses you want to being applied, plus spell cascade. The Curse from the first socket won't be applied

Make sure to have this for 100% poison on hit chance :
If you do not have medium cluster with Septic Spells or Toxic Strikes Enchantment on an amulet yet - take 20% chance to poison Cursed enemies (Curse Mastery)
When you equip gloves - remove Cursed Ground from Temp Chains and add Added Chaos Damage
Vixen's Entrapment
You should keep in mind that Expedition Encounters may contain 'Immune to Curses' mod which makes mobs completely invulnerable to our damage. This mod is not being highlighted and can hardly be noticed while placing explosives (ty ggg). To solve this we equip any 4-6 link weapon in off hand and use Soulrend setup we had been using before
To figure out what maps you have to run to complete the pantheon - open atlas and enter it's name
Every league maps are different

You can use Soul of the Brine King for Freeze Immune if needed while you have no ele ailment avoidance
If you are bad at making currency or Vixen's price fly to the moon - ignore it until the price is affordable for you
Keep using Cursed Ground and cast Despair manually
You want Chaos DoT Multi / DoT Multi for dps, if you are missing stats/res - take them instead
You can buy a base and use Chaos Reforge in Harvest to make it cheaper
Roll until you get at least 2 decent notables
This setup would allow you to kill Exarch/Eater bosses and farm T16 maps
You can find complete red map viable setup with a couple additions below
While you have Apep's Rage and a shield you should insert Wither and Malevolence into them so when you switch to kill expedition monsters you wouldn't lose auras

If you want to have a Shield Charge - remove Wither totem and use Withering Step instead
If expensive - use random wand with DoT crafted until you can afford it
If you use shield - use life essence on Int shield base and craft resistance
Small cluster jewel with Enduring Composure
Endurance charge generation for 90% physical damage reduction
Rings and Amulet should have an empty prefix to craft minus manacost. You want at least 1 mod for 6-Link when switch to Impending Doom
If you have ES issues - remove Witherning Presence and take Vile Bastion until Uber lab
Craft reduced manacost on a flask (use TFT to buy)
Craft minus non chann manacost on jewelry
Anointment - Toxic Strikes
Your further setups :
*All items have promts and links on hover/click
Medium setup explanations
Shaper's boots with cooldown recovery rate
You want to buy the boots with CDR, no movement speed mod and an empty prefix to craft MS
If expensive - reduce the life/res amount on the filter
Searing Exarch / Eater of Worlds implicits :
You should have ~0.26/s Temp Chains cast speed with CDR (Belt 11%, Boots 11%)
Increased Despair curse effect (Searing Exarch)
Mana Reservation Efficiency (Eater)
Increased effect of non-curse auras from your skills (Searing Exarch)
Determination has increased aura effect (Eater)
Body Armour
Get a belt with double res and life, having an empty suffix for the bench craft
It is also a veiled mod
Belt with crafted cooldown recovery rate
Shield with spell suppression
Decrease life/life regen rolls if expensive. Craft a chance to avoid ele Ailments
The implicits ain't mandatory at all except for the Reservation efficiency one (the lowest tier is enough)
It would allow you level up Vitality
There is a 'immune to curses' mod in Expedition
It makes monsters immune to your damage
To deal with it - Buy 5-Link staff, use in off-hand and put
*All items have promts and links on hover/click
MediumSetup > Final Setup Item Order/Explanations
We use Skittering Runes as anointment
Required Oils :
Get a base with an enchant and fractured Life
Alts until 14% chance to suppress spell damage > Regal > Craft ' Increased Ailment Duration while focused' on the bench ( suffix ) > Exalt
You can buy a helmet with fractured spell suppression, should be expensive but faster (use Essence of Greed > bench craft)
Searing Exarch and Eater of Worlds implicits :
Increased Despair Curse Effect (Searing Exarch)
Increased Mana Reservation Efficiency (Eater of Worlds)
Crafting :
Get a fractured Amethyst Ring with T1 Resistance (Fire/Cold)
Use Reforge Lightning (Harvest) until Triple Res > add life on the bench
Brutal Restraint
The link alrdy contains required jewel slot
If there are no jewels with 3 nodes or you can't afford - buy a jewel with x2 nodes

How to use : 'Deselect > Choose required nodes > Search
Body Armour
Eternal Struggle
There are 3 good mods you can have on it. It would cost you 10-20 div
You can start from a 2-mod Staff with a 10-50c price
When you swap double mod for triple mod - use old Staff in off hand
Crafting :
Get a shaper base with Elevated Chance to avoid Ele Ailments
Get a base with an Enchant > use Crusader Orb and roll T1 Cooldown recovery Rate
Use Awakener's Orb (Shaper base > Crusader base)
If you have an empty suffix - Suffixes cannot be changed > Reforge Cold to add Cold res >
Suffixes cannot be changed > Veiled Chaos Orb, get MS+something > craft life on the bench > exalt slam
(If you got onslaught you can replace Silver Flask with Ruby or Basalt flask)
Cane of Kulemak
Deselect > choose the Notables
Temporal Chains cast speed - ~0,24/sec during flask effect with 39% CDR (boots 15% / belt 19% / Temporal Rift 5%)
More info about Doom Blast calcs : Link
Crafting :
Get a base with fractured life
Use veiled chaos until you get some resistance and good veiled prefix such as chance to avoid ele ailments/%life-mana and craft something
Before buying - make sure Searing Exarch implicit is dominant
Buy it along with two small clusters to cap Avoid Ele Ailments chance
Body Armour
Increased Effect of non-curse Auras (Searing Exarch)
Increased Effect of Malevolence (Eater of Worlds)
Watcher's Eye
When two small clusters equipped - buy a new Watcher
There is a 'immune to curses' mod in Expedition
It makes monsters immune to your damage
To deal with it - Buy 5-Link staff, use in off-hand and put