Infernal Blow Raider (3.18) - ~3.5 Mill Dps, great mapper
83%+ phys damage reduction, 100%+ spell suppression chance

General information
  • PROS
    • Great Mapper
    • Can run both reflects
  • CONS
    • Can't run no leech + no mana regen
Movement Speed(possibly)
By reaching maps your setup should be looking like this
This setup with 4-Link would allow you to farm T1-T5 rare maps
Keep in mind that you cannot play elemental reflect yet
you can find detailed leveling guide
Gear progression
Life flask
Divine Life Flask
Enduring Eternal Mana Flask
Enduring eternal Mana Flask
Quicksilver Flask (movement speed)
There are 2 Movement Speed flasks which are good for us :
quicksilver flask
Quicksilver flask
Jade Flask with Freeze Immune
Immunity to Freeze and Chill during Flask Effect
Jade Flask
I would not recommend to roll it with alts, better to buy it
Diamond Flask with attack speed
Diamond Flask
You can craft it by using Alterations, might take 10-20+
mana leech dex jewel
*Items and colored Text contain promts on hover and links on click
Flask setup
Life Flask with instant life recovery and bleeding immunity
Would recommend to buy second Life Flask for this purpose
Take Avatar of the Veil
Here you can find current UberLab scheme
Best helmet enchant is 'Any Spectral Helix enchant'
White Wind
White Wind
The rest gear should simply contain Life/Res
Uber Lab info :
Pantheon : Soul of the Brine King + Soul of Yugul
Soul of the Brine King : Put the Mineral Pools Map and Divine Vessel into the Map Device and run the map. Talk to Sin when you kill the boss (Can be found close to act6 Town Waypoint)
Repeat with Atoll Map for the next Tier
Repeat with Coral Ruins Map for the next Tier
Soul of Yugul : Put the Shrine Map and Divine Vessel into the Map Device and run the map. Talk to Sin when you kill the boss(Can be found close to act6 Town Waypoint)
When you complete Soul of the Brine King Pantheon you will no longer need Freeze Immune on the flask
Flask effect is not removed when Unreserved Mana is Filled
Flask effect does not Queue
Attack speed jewels (x3)
Base jewel
Darkray Vectors Dragonscale Boots
Daresso's Defiance Full Dragonscale
Daresso's Defiance
leather belt
This setup would allow you to confidently farm maps up to T14
T15-T16 would be possible but single target wouldn't be that good
Once you have all of the above - you can start saving currency to turn into Infernal Blow setup
Darkray Vectors
dext amulet
If you did not buy it for some reason - do it now (off hand must be empty!)
Try to get one with highest rolls possible. If it's expensive - buy the cheapest
To figure out what maps you have to run to complete the pantheon - open atlas and enter it's name
Every league maps are different
Buy rings and craft 'adds cold damage'
4-Link is enough for white maps
Later on - make 5-Link, it should be enough to farm up to T14 maps
If you reached T14-16 and still have no currency to switch into Infernal Blow - buy Tabula or normal 6-Link
Also buy Silver Flask with attack speed instead of Diamond Flask
Setups :
*All items have promts and links on hover/click
EarlySetup explanations
Two-stone rings/Synth Belt with Dexterity/Res/Life
Flask setup
To craft Rings - use Deafening Essence of Sorrow
until you have some res + prefix for bench life craft (3-10 essences needed)
Do not forget to use Intrinsic Catalysts before crafting
Same for belt - Belt base for crafting
Divine Life Flask
Lion's Roar
Atziri's Promise
Taste of Hate
'Used when charges reach full' enchant on Granite/Silver/Sapphire flasks
or use Crafting Bench
Impresence Onyx Amulet with Anoinment
As anoinment you should choose Tribal Fury
Required Oils :
Use Intrinsic Catalyst to increase damage
Use instilling orbs to craft
Make sure to keep Strength higher than Int for additional 15% dext from helmet
Take +30 STR node if needed
The Dancing Dervish Reaver Sword
Base jewels
You will need 5 Red-1 Blue colored armour which is hard to reach
Buy 6-Socket armour, make 2-3 red sockets with Chomatics
Then go to TFT channel and buy non-red to red, repeat it until you have 6 red sockets and use non blue to blue to make it 5Red-1BLue
5-Link is enough for the start to farm red maps
I would recommend to keep Ice Crash gem and swap it with Infernal Blow when you fight conquerors and other strong bosses until you upgrade your gear
You can also buy 1-3 Vorichi to make 1 red socket - white so you could swap Melee Splash with Elemental Focus to increase your single target even more
(You can use second weapon pair to have Ice crash + Ele Focus on hand)
Buy jewels at the end when you know what resistances are missed
If you have enough resistance - remove them from the filter and add dexterity
Even though One with nothing requires no weapon equipped to gain it's bonuses - you can still use The Dancing Dervish
When you enter a map - cast cyclone for a second and hit any mob to make The Dancing Dervish manifested. You will be considered unarmed and have Onslaught while you have Rampage
As soon as rampage ends, the manifested weapon will be reequipped
It is not necessary to have the sockets be linked together
Make both Infernal Blow and Ice Crash always attack without moving
*All items have promts and links on hover/click
MidSetup explanations
Two-stone ring with Ele Weakness on hit
It is hard to craft a ring with both 50+ dexterity and ele weakness on hit
You can buy base for crafting and try to spam caster reforge in harvest but it might take a long time. I would recommend to buy a finished ring
Do not forget to use Intrinsic Catalysts before crafting
Boots with '10% increased movement speed if you haven't been hit Recently' or
'Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemy Elemental Resistances if you haven't Killed Recently'
depends on what you need more - better clearing or more single target dps
Brutal Restraint Timeless Jewel
Small improvements
You can buy Awakened Melee Splash and Melee Phys gems to increase dps
Anomalous Infernal Blow would make mapping process even better
(gem setup button contains links for all the gems on click)
Large cluster has 3 notables
Quick Silver flask has curse effect reduction (you are immune to curses under it's effect (50% * Increased effect + 30% from Pantheon)
'5% increased Dexterity'
'+20 to Dexterity'
'20% Increased elemental damage'
'5% increased Movement Speed'
Modifiers you are looking for :
To reset modifiers - use Divine Orb
Inspired Learning
Greatly increases clear speed
If you have no passive tree points to allocate 4 notables - remove those nodes
Awakened Elemental Damage with Attack Skills
Elemental damage from supported skills cannot be reflected (requires lvl5)
Makes your life much easier ( you do not care about reflects anymore)
Helmet with '15% of Infernal Blow Phys as Extra Fire Damage' enchant