Corrupting Fever/Reap Champion(3.23) , scales well from act1 to endgame
~5k life/additional ele dmg resistance/100% avoid ele ailments
500 life regen/sec/90% phys reduction/80% chance to avade attacks/5-6 Mil. dps
Middle version would cost you 3-5 div. Final one - 50-100 div

General information
  • PROS
    • Good clear speed
    • Can run any mod
    • Good at Harvest/Expedition
    • Scales well from act 8 to endgame
  • CONS
    Acts are not that simple
    Can't do physical reflect until forbidden jewels
Movement Speed(possibly)
+1 to level of all phys spell skill gems
Physical DoT (crafted)
By reaching maps your setup should look like this
This setup with 4-Link would allow you to farm T1-T5 rare maps
you can find the detailed leveling guide
If you for some reason do not have Vaal Reap yet - buy it now and level in off hand

You can temporarily remove one gem from Reap and Faster Attacks from Shield Charge if you do not have linked sockets yet
Would recommend to buy second Life Flask for this purpose
Take Worthy Foe
Here you can find current UberLab scheme
Gear progression
Wands (+1 to level of all phys spell skill gems)
Should cost 1-3c on the first day of the league
Add phys DoT on the bench (Prefix)
Make sure you have enough Int for the items you buy
Wand should have a high base attack speed (1.3+)
This setup will allow you to handle red maps, you must have lvl 19+ Vaal Reap to farm T16
Anointment - Acrimony (Clear+Black+Black)
You can buy a base and use Phys Reforge in Harvest to make it cheaper
*Items and colored Text contain promts on hover and links on click
mana leech dex jewel
Uber Lab info :
Soul of Lunaris : Put the Moon Temple Map and Divine Vessel into the Map Device and run the map. Right Click on the vessel to unlock the bonus
Repeat with Necropolis Map for the next Tier
Repeat with Peninsula Map for the next Tier
Soul of Yugul : Put the Cursed Crypt and Divine Vessel into the Map Device and run the map
Right Click on the vessel to unlock the bonus
Pantheon : Soul of Lunaris + Soul of Yugul
carved wand
Base jewel
dext amulet
dext amulet
The rest gear
To figure out what maps you have to run to complete the pantheon - open atlas and enter it's name
Every league the maps are different
Tabula / Regular 6-Link
Tabula Rasa Simple Robe
6-link armour
Base Jewels (x6)
large cluster jewel
Large Cluster Jewel (2)
Gloves for clearspeed. Makes Harvest/Expedition encounters much easier
Turquoise Amulet with +1 to all level of phys skill gems
If you can't afford - remove life/res from the filter
carved wand
Flask setup
Life Flask Instant life recovery and bleed immunity
Divine Life Flask
Granite Flask / Increased Evasion Rating
granite flask
Quicksilver Flask / Attack Speed
quicksilver flask
Jade Flask / Increased Armour
Silver fLask
Silver Flask / Freeze immunity
Diamond Flask
Phys DoT Multiplier craft can be received from unveiling veiled items (Jun) and is a suffix

Replace DoT craft with DoT Multi when you get it

I would recommend to buy a wand which has both suffix and prefix open so you can craft DoT(prefix) and replace it with DoT Multi(suffix) when it is available
(can reduce output)

Before buying an int shield with +1 to phys gems make sure to have 50 chromatic orbs to use 'two red' on both wand and shield to get R-R-B, put frostblink, malevolence, 3 auras and enduring cry in it
Avoid buying a 6-Link before Empower
Ideally you should buy Empower when CF is lvl 19 so you would have lvl2 Empower when CF reach 20
Then you buy a 6-Link and put them together to make CF cost around 2k life
Also you should temporarily remove Tireless cluster from the tree

(If you buy 6-Link before having lvl 24 CF (20+lvl2 Empower+3 from gear) CF would cost 1k life which is not enough to proc Adrenaline
If you add lifetap to solve this - Reap would cost a lot)

Make sure to put x6 CF in off hand to get lvl 21 asap

If you can't afford Empower - check out if you can buy Corrupted Tabula with +2 duration gems
It would work the same way as a lvl 3 empower
The 6th gem you put into it in this case is Controlled Destruction
(only works for Reap)

When you put Reap and CF in 6-link - you will have 4 sockets to spare so add and link Guardian's Blessing and Herald of Purity to Pride, Pride will become a blessing aura you can activate when you have at least one herald of purity minion alive
(If you don't like pressing additional buttons - skip this)
Your further setups :
*All items have promts and links on hover/click
MediumSetup Item Order/Explanations
Buy a base > 'Caster reforge' using Harvest Bench
Keep using until you get at least 30% of any resistance and craft life
You can use Res/Life catalysts on the base before crafting
Ring with Vulnerability on hit
Buy a base and use life essences until you hit at least one resistance and craft res/dext+int
Searing Exarch / Eater of Worlds implicits :
Body Armour
Increased effect of non-curse auras from your skills (Searing Exarch)
Pride has increased aura effect (Eater)
Life regeneration rate (Searing Exarch)
Increased action speed (Eater)
Increased Vulnerability curse effect (Searing Exarch)
Mana Reservation Efficiency (Eater)
*All items have promts and links on hover/click
MediumSetup > Final Setup Explanations
Allocates Bane of Legends
From now on you can play physical reflect
If you don't mind reading every map you run you may skip them
Buy a base with fractured Chaos Resistance
Essence of Loathing until good life roll
(you can craft second res on the bench to make it cheaper)
Vulnerability on hit
Ring with stats and resistance
Buy a base with fractured Dext
Chaos reforge until T1 Chaos res + any Ele res / Craft Life
Pantheon : Soul of Lunaris + Soul of Yugul
Buy a base with 'Vulnerability on hit' implicit
Chaos reforge until T1 Chaos res + any Ele res / Craft Life
Buy a base with fractured resistance
Essence of Torment until you get any resistance(40+%)
Suffixes cannot be changed
T4 Aisling > Movement speed mod
Craft flat life on the bench and use Exalt if needed
If you didnt get Onslaught you can sell the boots with a decent profit and try again
Cheap version is to craft ms+onslaught on the bench after the Essence

When you have onslaught on kill on boots - replace Silver Flask with Ruby Flask or whatever you prefer depends on the content you do
Searing Exarch and Eater of Worlds implicits :
Increased Vulnerability Curse Effect (Searing Exarch)
Increased Mana Reservation Efficiency (Eater of Worlds)
Action Speed (Searing Exarch)
Life Regeneration Rate (Eater of Worlds)
Elegant Hubris Timeless Jewel
The link alrdy contains required jewel slot and desired nodes
If there are no jewels with 3 nodes or you can't afford - buy a jewel with x2 nodes

How to use : 'Deselect > Choose required nodes > Search
Boots with chance to avoid being shocked/Onslaught on kill
Elemental ailment avoidance
Forbidden Flame/Flesh Crimson Jewels
Items to add Grace
Put Grace/Malevolence/Determination auras in here with Enlighten lvl 3
Also you would need Charisma enchantment and both Mana reservation efficiency implicit and explicit on the helmet
Haemophilia gloves with '+1 to level of socketed gems'
Cannot afford - remove 'DoT Multi' from the filter
Before buying - make sure you have enough int for the wand
Craft attack speed/dext+int (suffix)
Abyss jewel
another 40-50% chance to avoid being shocked to make it to 100%
Can't afford corrupted Loreweave - remove the Tireless cluster to fix the cost of CF
Use base jewels to get missing attributes / resistance