Wave of Conviction/Flameblast Elementalist(3.23)
~4k life/additional ele dmg resistance/ele ailment immune
90% phys reduction/75% chance to avade attacks/ ~10 Mil. dps
Middle version would cost you under 1 div. Final one - ~30 div

General information
  • PROS
    • Good clear speed / single target
    • Scales great from acts to T16 maps
  • CONS
    Can't do some expedition mods
Movement Speed(possibly)
+1 to level of all fire spell skill gems (possibly)
Increased Fire damage/ DoT damage(crafted)
By reaching maps your setup should look like this
This setup with 4-Link would allow you to farm T1-T5 rare maps
you can find the detailed leveling guide
Would recommend to buy second Life Flask for this purpose
Take Bastion of Elements
Here you can find current UberLab scheme
Gear progression
Wand with Fire DoT Multi
Should cost 1-5c on the first day of the league
Craft wand Fire damage on the bench (Prefix)
This setup will allow you to farm T16 maps
Anointment - Acrimony
Jewel with Fan of the Flames for ignite spread
Can't afford - remove Wasting Affliction from the filter
Remove Ignite Prolif from Arc / add Deadly Ailments when equipped
*Items and colored Text contain promts on hover and links on click
mana leech dex jewel
Uber Lab info :
Soul of Lunaris : Put the Moon Temple Map and Divine Vessel into the Map Device and run the map. Right Click on the vessel to unlock the bonus
Repeat with Necropolis Map for the next Tier
Repeat with Peninsula Map for the next Tier
Soul of Yugul : Put the Cursed Crypt and Divine Vessel into the Map Device and run the map
Right Click on the vessel to unlock the bonus
Pantheon : Soul of Lunaris + Soul of Yugul
carved wand
Base jewel
dext amulet
dext amulet
The rest gear
To figure out what maps you have to run to complete the pantheon - open atlas and enter it's name
Every league the maps are different
6-link armour
Base jewel
large cluster jewel
Medium cluster jewel
How the helmet works - after curses and other '-res' sources being applied Eye of Malice would increase enemy resistance by 50% (if enemy had -50% fire res it would become -75% fire res)
Eye of the Malice
citrine amulet
Citrine Amulet with damage over time multiplier
Can't afford - remove life/res from the filter
Flask setup
Life Flask Instant life recovery and bleed immunity
Divine Life Flask
Granite Flask / Increased Evasion Rating
granite flask
Quicksilver Flask / Attack Speed
quicksilver flask
Jade Flask / Increased Armour
Silver fLask
Silver Flask / Freeze immunity
Diamond Flask
Make sure to have enough chromatic orbs when buying shield to socket the gems
Shield with +1 to Fire gems
Provides a lot of damage. Replace Immolate with Spellblade support
(and Cruelty in Arc's setup as well)
Make sure to have Deadly Ailments linked to both Arc and Flameblast
Rebuke of the Vaal
citrine amulet
Jewel must contain '2-3% increased mana reservation efficiency of skills'
Once you equip it - take Deep Thoughts + 12% mana reservation mastery > remove Vitality and Defiance Banner > Add Grace
Later on you will add Enlighten support and get the Banner back
Your further setups :
*All items have promts and links on hover/click
MediumSetup Item Order/Explanations
Large cluster
Searing Exarch / Eater of Worlds implicits :
Chance to Avoid being Stunned (Searing Exarch)
Ignites you inflict deal Damage faster (Eater)
Medium cluster
Brush with Death helps with 'players can't regen ES' map mod
'Monsters have 70% chance to avoid elemental ailments' map mod makes you unable to kill the map boss

Expedition mods to avoid :

Monsters are Immune to Fire Damage
Monsters have 100% chance to Avoid being Ignited
*All items have promts and links on hover/click
MediumSetup > Final Setup Item Order/Explanations
Buy a base with fractured spell suppression
Use Physical reforge until 6-7% additional phys damage reduction + res / life > craft res / life
Unset Ring
Pantheon : Soul of Lunaris + Soul of Yugul
Buy a base
Use Chaos reforge until you hit a good chaos res roll + second res / life > craft second res / life
Searing Exarch and Eater of Worlds implicits :
Chance to Avoid being Frozen (Searing Exarch)
Ignites you inflict deal damage faster (Eater of Worlds)
Militant Faith Timeless Jewel
Before buying - make sure the jewel is not ruinning the tree nodes, for that :
Click 'Copy Item' on the market > go to PoB > items > Create custom > Ctrl + V > Create
Insert the jewel and check it out
When you have Enlighten lvl 3 > remove the base jewel that gave you mana efficiency / activate Defiance Banner
Buy a base with fractured spell suppression
Veiled Chaos Orb until veiled Prefix + one resistance mod > Unveil an ms mod > craft life > exalted orb if needed
Eternal Damnation should be obtained when you already have Loreweave
When you have Freeze avoidance on both Abyss jewel and Boots - get curse reduction on the fifth flask
If Watcher's Eye is expensive - buy a base jewel instead
Fire DoT Multi (Searing Exarch)
Spell Suppression chance (Eater of Worlds)
Increased Flammability curse effect (Searing Exarch)
Increased effect of non-damaging ailments (Eater of Worlds)